• Particularly innovative, environmentally friendly, vertical axes easy to install also with the possibility to accommodate a communication systems (voice, data, etc.), in windy areas.

Mini hydro system

  • Systems for the production of electrical energy from jumps of water or from canals with low speed flows, using different types of turbines depending on the size or local opportunities.

Energy efficiency

  • Industrial sector;
  • residential sector;
  • commercial sector ;
  • public sector;
  • urban intelligent lightening.

Waste management systems

  • Production of Biogas from any organic;
  • gasification of municipal solid waste;
  • Waste to energy.


Photovoltaic Plants

  • On the roof, with high efficiency and architectural integration;
  • on the ground, also raised, to ensure the continuation of agricultural activities under the plant itself;
  • solar technological greenhouses (warm in winter, cool in summer) that can increase agricultural production of 6-10 times;
  • installations using building materials with photovoltaic properties (e.g. photovoltaic tiles, colored tiles, transparent panels etc.) particularly suitable for the restoration of historical buildings, or for the construction of modern buildings;
  • minigrids.