As founder and CEO of E4SD (Energy for Sustainable Development), I am deeply committed and proud to lead and define the Charter of Values of our corporate mission and our way of working. Our Charter of Values is in line with the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business conduct. Excellence Integrity and Respect are the foundation of the E4SD approach to promoting sustainable development in all our work activities. Our strategy aims at long-term sustainable growth through the continuous search for technologically sustainable solutions, from the economic, social, cultural, and environmental point of view, in the interest of all stakeholders, and is based on the following values:


We continuously strive to improve our technological solutions, anticipating the challenges of the future, continually researching the most suitable solutions for our customers, creating a fertile environment for creativity, passion, proactivity and innovation in the interest of all stakeholders.


We promote the responsible use of all resources, through operations and processes aimed at optimizing the use of resources, reducing waste, favoring solutions aimed at guaranteeing sustainable development for current and future generations.


The value of human dignity is at the center of our actions: listening and dialogue at all levels are the levers of continuous improvement in relations with all our current and future stakeholders and our technological solutions.


We are committed to eliminating all discrimination from our practices and respecting differences in gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation and union, sexual orientation and identity, language, helping to create mixed teams in which all can be realized and generate value for the Client, for Partners and for E4SD.


We pursue our objectives according to the highest standards of professional ethics, with honesty, transparency, correctness and responsibility, in full and substantial compliance with laws, regulations, and the spirit of agreements signed with our stakeholders.