E4SD (Energy for Sustainable Development) is an innovative start-up founded by a team of Senior Managers, with a long experience gained in important multinational groups (ABB, Alstom, ENI, DeNora, etc.) and research centres. It operates in the sectors of the Green Economy (renewable energy, waste and water treatment, agronics ) and the Circular Economy. Principles of Sustainable Development inspire all its activities, according to the objectives defined by the UN for the benefit of both developing and industrialized countries and are implemented in compliance  with its Charter of Values.
E4SD works in the research and development of new processes and technologies (even with its own patents) and as an E.P.C. operator identifies, designs, and builds its own plant solutions customized to the customer needs. According to its Vision, E4SD also operates in the field of international cooperation developing eco-sustainable initiatives, collaborating with other institutions (NGOs, Government Foundations, etc.). To this end it provides its expertise, technologies and partnerships for profit and non-profit operators working in this context.